Scarlet Johansson in Ghost in the Shell

Couple days ago, the media confirmed, that Scarlet Johansson will star as Major Motoko Kusanagi in the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of the cyberpunk classic Ghost in the Shell. This immediately caused a huge uproar, with posts accusing the creators of ‘white-washing’ springing up like mushrooms. There is even a petition that supports casting of an […]

Baldur’s Gate in Japanese

The other day I saw Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition on sale on Steam. Without a second thought, I decided to check it out. After all, it was one of my favourite games. To my great surprise, when I turned the game on, it was all in Japanese! I always assumed there was some kind of […]

Attack on the Titan – Kansaiben version

Last year, the Attack on the Titan attraction has opened in Universal Studios Japan in Ôsaka. It featured 15 m statues of Eren and the Female Titan. Naturally, it was an immense success. Now, to celebrate one year anniversary of its opening, the publishing house has released Kansaiben version of the first manga.

NHK Radio Special on Tôhoku Earthquake

It has been 4 years since the Tôhoku Earthquake already. This tragedy has extinguished countless lives, but among the continuing problems at Hukusima Power Plant and reconstruction work delays, many people are still suffering from the ruin it has brought. In reaction, NHK Radio have released a 3 part special, where they revisit these areas […]

On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning

On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One Beautiful April Morning is one of my favorite Murakami’s works and probably my favorite short story overall. I wholeheartedly recommend everybody to read it. Unfortunately, it was not published in Czech yet. Nor does it seem it will be anytime soon, so I have decided to translate it […]

Facebook in Kansaiben – Finally Here!

On 8th October, Facebook has rolled out a feature we have all been waiting for – Kansaiben version. (Everyone is a Kansaiben lover, some people just don’t know it yet ;). Here is the release statement in Kansaiben:

Japanese Cloze Card Generation Plugin For Anki

Studying new vocabulary is only really good if you learn the words in context. And finding the proper context for multiple words can be quite time-consuming. So I have decided to quicken the process by writing a small plugin for Anki (a great piece of SRS software, if you have not heard about it before), that […]