Impacts and Ethics of Eating Meat

The health benefits of vegan diet over a balanced omnivorous one have been largely disproved by nutritional research. Since then, the argument has shifted to the negative environmental impact of producing meat. Recently, media has been swarming with articles such as Mean is horrible on Washington Post, or Tax meat and dairy to cut emissions and save lives, study urges on The Guardian. Their authors cherry-pick arguments to support their position, that eating meat (especially beef) is detrimental to the environment. Meanwhile, they ignore any downsides of growing crops.

On the latest episode of Revolution Health Radio, Diana Rogers presents a more complete picture of the situation. In the process, she dispels the notion that growing crops is the only environmentally and ethically feasible way of producing food. Listen to it here:

RHR: The Impacts and Ethics of Eating Meat — with Diana Rodgers

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