Download Flickr Images Easily Using Script

I like to change my wallpaper to reflect the current season. Since I spend large parts of the day in front of computer, this gives me a glimpse of the outside world. My favorite source of high quality photos has for the longest time been Flickr. There is one thing though, that has always bothered me on Flickr. Some authors do not allow download of their photos. I don’t see the point doing of this. If someone has the picture open in their browser, it is already stored stored on their computer. Therefore, they can just copy it from the cache. Or look for link to the picture in the source code. What I’m trying to say is, that if someone wants to download the picture, they will. Don’t upload the picture to the Internet in the first place, if you don’t like other people having it. I tend to download a lot of wallpapers at once. Because of that, digging through the source code can get a bit tedious. To deal with that, I wrote a simple script to download Flickr images in Python to do the heavy-lifting for me. You can use it with the URLs as arguments or saved in a text file, one per line. By default, it downloads the original image, but you can specify the size. Enjoy!