Japanese Cloze Card Generation Plugin For Anki

Studying new vocabulary is only really good if you learn the words in context. And finding the proper context for multiple words can be quite time-consuming. So I have decided to quicken the process by writing a small plugin for Anki (a great piece of SRS software, if you have not heard about it before), that pulls example sentences straight from the Tanaka Corpus. I have been using it for quite some time. Now, I have finally come around to polish it, so that other people can benefit from it, too. So, what does it actually do? The plugin comes with a custom model, which searches the Tanaka corpus for examples and then generates cloze cards out of them. (If the you are not using cloze deletion already, you really should try it in some form). It also generates the readings, supports multiple clozes per sentence and user edits. In theory, it should cover all your needs. Using the plugin is extremely easy. Just search for a Japanese expression,

a Japanese expression

choose an example sentence

example sentence

and voilà, here is your card.


For any questions or bug reports, head over to the plugin’s page. You can download the plugin from there as well, but I recommend using the built-in Anki downloader - the code is 247705873. You can find other interesting stuff on my project page.