Mariner - a Command Line Torrent Searcher

I have been busy working on a new project for the past several weeks. It has finally reached a state, where I can publicly announce it. So without further ado, welcome Mariner, the command line torrent searcher:

Mariner in action

I use torrents for downloading Linux distributions. The reason being, that it is usually faster and easier than digging for the ISOs on the official websites. Still, most torrent trackers are bloated, filled with ads and plagued by popup windows. I could do without those. All this has lead me to write Mariner. As you can see in the animation above, it is a simple command line aplication. It let’s you search for a torrent on multiple trackers at once and find the fastest one. Among other features, it allows you to see the torrent details, download them and directly open them in your torrent application. Moreover, it is asynchronous. That means, it is more responsive than your average web scraper.


If it piqued your interest, you can learn more about Mariner in documentation. Or, you could just check the project page. But if you are looking for a more automatic way to download torrents, check my torrentbox guide.