Powerfish - an Elegant and Informative Prompt

Please, all welcome Powerfish, the one true Fish prompt to rule them all. I know what you might be thinking: “Custom shell prompts? I am not that much of a geek.” I was like that too. But then I thought, what if instead of just taking up space, the prompt could show me the information I need? Powerfish does just that and looks good too. No more wasting time typing ‘git status’, having to amend commits and similar annoyances. But enough words, just see it in action:

Powerfish - an elegant Fish prompt

You might have noticed similarities with Powerline. And you would be right. When I was looking for a nice Fish prompt (to no avail), Powerline inspired me to write one instead. To get Powerfish, just head over to the project Gitlab page. Not using Fish shell yet? No need to worry, check out why it’s so awesome and go install it.