Red Meat Is Not the Culprit

Nowadays, eating red meat is more and more stigmatized. Not only do the media portray it as unhealthy, but lately even as the biggest factor behind environmental issues. EAT-Lancet paper is just the latest in the series of such alarmist articles. As you can see from the outline, it recommends a diet based on highly processed plant-based foods. No surprise, considering that processed food giants, such as Nestle and Kellogg’s, sponsored it. But fortunately, numerous people have already rebuked the misconceptions, that the paper mentions. Personally, I have liked this Revolution Health Radio interview with Diana Rodgers. You can find it here:

What the EAT-Lancet Paper Gets Wrong, with Diana Rodgers

If you find it intriguing, I recommend Impacts and Ethics of Eating Meat as well.